Technology and Contractors

Websites getting more personal

Today, websites are more dynamic (interactive) rather than static, statistics show that the “about us” page is most visited page on a site. Consumers report that they want to know more about the company and person before they initiate contact. A good website will introduce you and your company to a potential customer, and there will be a sense of familiarity when you do meet. Our area is a popular retirement/second home destination, people from far away are looking for local contractors.

Tips on creating a good “About Us” page.

Blogging as a resource

Many successful contractors use blogs on their website, these can serve several purposes:

  • Show off a recent project
  • Show how you solved a problem
  • Show your employees at work
  • Educate readers-see examples here.
  • Answer frequently asked questions

Using apps and programs to do estimatesconstruction-tablet

There are many programs available now to do measurements, takeoffs, estimates on the jobsite.

Many contractors are completing estimates and having the customer sign them right from a tablet.  They can use apps like Contractor Estimating and Invoicing to manage all the details of a job.

July 17, 2014